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Total Ponds/Tanks Under GGPGGM : 9083

Individual Ponds: 8706

Community tanks: 377

applications recieved

Total Ponds Geotagged : 4712

Individual Ponds: 4548

Community tanks: 164

applications recieved

Geotagged In Current Month : 1104

Individual Ponds: 1071

Community tanks: 33

Matsya Baibhav

'Matsya Baibhav' is a mobile App developed by National Informatics Center (NIC), Assam State Centre for Department of Fisheries, Assam for geotagging the assets created under GGPGGM. The project 'Ghare Ghare Pukhuri Ghare Ghare Maach' (GGPGGM) targeted construction of 1000 ha of farmers' individual ponds and 430 ha of village community tanks covering all the LACs throughout the state. It was intended and agreed upon the project through geo-tagging.

Online Master Trainer training on 20/11/2021 on Matsya Baibhav

Master Trainer training through VC on 08-12-2021

Online training on 29-12-2021 on Matsya Baibhav

Awareness training to Fishery Department on 22/02/2022